So we ( my hubby and I) went on vacation to the Bahamas, and spent a day at The Blue Lagoon, a centre for Dolphins and Sealions. After smooching & shaking flippers with P.J. the sealion we spent the rest of the afternon at the beautiful beach where we basked in the beautiful sun and dunked ourselves in the clear turquiose water. They had a small bar and bbq station which had these simple yet perfect arrangements. Dried coral, drift wood, conch shells, pebbles... They were a bit windblown and maybe needed some re-arranging, but I just loved them. I love beach combing, and am always bringing home driftwood, shells, stones and even some seaweed once that I put on my vegetable patch (good for the soil). I have always wanted to do a beach themed arrangement. I hope to do some experimenting in the next few weeks!

Cup-Cakes 04/19/2009

Look at these cup-cakes! I just thought they looked so perfect and beautuiful I had to post a picture of them. I baked these for my brother in law's birthday ( he already had a chocolate and strawberry b'day cake, but I love to bake and so could not resist.. Who doesn't smile when they see cupcakes? They are vanilla with a chocolate ganache. Yum and YUM!